Plans & Pricing

Choose between the Business or Premium plan.
Only pay for the number of meeting rooms that you need.1


    • Sync with your calendar: Google, Microsoft, or Teamup
    • Book, Extend & End meetings directly on the tablet
    • Customize logo, & room name, and colors
    • Require check-in
    • Power-saving mode (Android only)

Price per Device 1

$14 Monthly
$135 Yearly
$378 3-Yearly


    • All Business Plan Features
    • Remote configuration 2
    • Disconnection alerts
    • Anonymized analytics 3

Price per Device 1

$10 Monthly
$96 Yearly
$270 3-Yearly
1. If you have more than one device connected to the same meeting room, contact us to make an arrangement.
2. User credentials are not synced with our servers and still need to be entered manually on each tablet. Fishbowl is designed to be stand-alone and all confidential information remains only on the app. If you need a faster setup procedure for a large deployment, please contact us for a custom solution.
3. Only aggregated and summary statistics are synced with our servers, and only when enabled. Event titles, descriptions, and organizer/attendee details are never synced. Contact us if you would like to see an excerpt of what is synced.