Before installing Fishbowl, please make sure that you have

  1. An account or installation of one of the following calendar providers
    • Google G Suite
    • Gmail
    • Exchange Online (Office 365)
    • Exchange Server 2010 or newer
    • Teamup
  2. An Android (4.0+) tablet, an iPad (iOS 10+), or an Amazon Fire tablet for each meeting room
  3. Wi-Fi (or mobile data) and power connected to each device

LED integration

Fishbowl is compatible with the following tablets with LED status lights

  1. Qbic TD-1050
  2. Mimo Monitors MCT-10HPQ (requires MIMO web service APK)
  3. Philips 10BDL3051T

Note: If you'd like to integrate Fishbowl with a different hardware platform, you may contact us at [email protected].