1. Go to the Teamup Create Calendar page and create a calendar.
  2. Under Calendars, click on Edit.
  3. Click on the Sharing tab
  4. Make a note of the Modifier key, e.g. if your address is then your key is ksw1ierizs9irx7oxy.
  5. When configuring Fishbowl, on the Select server type page, select Teamup.
  6. Enter your key/calendar ID when prompted. If applicable, select My calendar is password protected and enter your password. Tap on Next
  7. Teamup creates two calendars by default. Select the calendar that you prefer and tap on Next.
  8. Scan your Fishbowl license QR code, or enter your license code manually, and tap on Next.
  9. Configure your logo and colour settings and tap on Next.