Philips 10BDL4551T

Note:This guide assumes that you have a new or factory reset device. You can perform a factory reset by going to Settings > Signage display > System tools > Factory reset. If the device is in kiosk mode, you need to first Exit Kiosk Mode

1. Download and Import ZIP file

We have created a ZIP export that simplifies the setup of your device.

If you prefer to manually set up the device, please refer to our Philips 10BDL4551T Manual Setup instructions instead.

  1. On a computer, download the Fishbowl 10BDL4551T Signage Display Settings.
  2. Format a flash disk or SD card. It needs to be completely empty.
  3. Extract the downloaded file ( By default it will extract into a folder named philips.
  4. Copy the philips folder directly to the empty flash disk or SD card. The philips folder should be the only item in the root of the storage medium.
  5. Eject/safely remove the flash disk or SD card from your computer.
  6. Insert the flash disk or SD card into a Philips 10BDL4551 that has been reset to factory settings.
  7. After a factory reset, on the Welcome screen, select your language and press Start.
  8. On the Security Setting screen, only enable SICP Network Port.
  9. The SICP port is used to change change system settings, and among other things, the color of the LEDs on the side

  10. On the Signage Display Settings screen, tap on Import Signage Display Settings from either USB or SD, depending on the storage medium you are using.
  11. On the Setup Complete screen, tap on Finish and wait for the import to complete. This could take several minutes. The tablet will restart after this has completed.

2. Connect to the Internet

After the tablet has imported the settings and restarted, Fishbowl will start automatically. However, you first need to connect to the internet.

  1. Exit Fishbowl by pressing the hardware buttons that Exit Kiosk Mode. The default PIN is 1234.
  2. On the Main Menu, tap on Network.
  3. Depending on your setup, either tap on Wi-Fi or Ethernet and configure the connection accordingly.
  4. Tap the back arrow until you are back on the Main Menu.

3. Change time zone and time format

  1. On the Main Menu screen tap on Settings.
  2. On the Settings screen tap on System.
  3. Tap on Date & time.
  4. Tap on Select time zone, and select the correct time zone.
  5. Enable Use 24-hour format if you prefer this.
  6. Tap the back arrows until you are back at the Main Menu screen.

4. Configure Fishbowl

  1. On the Main Menu screen tap on Apps.
  2. Tap on Fishbowl.
  3. Complete the Fishbowl setup wizard.
  4. To access the Fishbowl settings at any time, tap on the logo on the calendar screen.
  5. To lock the Fishbowl settings with a PIN, log in at, click on Devices, and scroll down to Global Configuration.
  6. Please note:If you are prompted to log in with Microsoft or Google, then the Chromium browser will warn you that Google Play Services are not installed. You may safely ignore this warning. This is no longer required.

How to Exit Kiosk Mode using Hardware Buttons

The panel is set up by default in "Kiosking mode". This means that it is locked to one app. Whenever you need to access the device settings, you need to press two of the hardware buttons simultaneously.

To access the Main Menu at any time, press buttons 1 and 3 together

Once you've pressed the two buttons, you need to enter a PIN to unlock the device.

The default PIN is 1234.