Before installing Fishbowl, please make sure that you have

  1. An account or installation of one of the following calendar providers
    • Google G Suite
    • Gmail
    • Exchange Online (Microsoft 365)
    • Exchange Server 2010 or newer
    • Teamup
  2. An Android (4.0+) tablet, an iPad (iOS 10+), or an Amazon Fire tablet for each meeting room
  3. Wi-Fi (or mobile data) and power connected to each device

Recommended Devices

A meeting room display needs a device, power, a mounting solution, and (optionally) a kiosk app. When considering your options, please take the total cost into consideration. For example, a lower cost device might need a more expensive mount and you might have to pay for a kiosking solution. Or, you might have easy access to PoE, but USB power might have to be specially pulled to the mounting location.

While most Android and iOS tablets are supported, we recommend the following options:

  • Depending on your supplier, a dedicated panel such as the Philips 10BDL4551T could be an attractive option. It includes a VESA mount, PoE and built-in kiosking. Please see our configuration instructions for the
  • iPad Mini's are another great option. They have abundant mounting options, and include built-in kiosking using Guided Access.
  • The lowest-cost option that we recommend is the Amazon Fire HD tablet range; however, you may need to spend a fair amount of time configuring every device.

We no longer recommend Lenovo devices, since we have received several reports of battery and charging issues that appear during long-term use.

Dedicated Panels

Fishbowl is compatible with most Android and iOS tablets. However, if you need a more specialized device (e.g. with PoE, LED panels or VESA mounting), then Fishbowl is compatible with the following tablets.

  1. Philips 10BDL4551T (view Setup Guide)
  2. And the following older devices:
  3. Philips 10BDL4151T
  4. Philips 10BDL3051T
  5. Qbic TD-1050
  6. Mimo Monitors MCT-10HPQ (requires MIMO web service APK)

Note: If you'd like to integrate Fishbowl with a different hardware platform, you may contact us at [email protected].